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New EverQuest Next Landmark screens show off possibilities

MJ Guthrie

If you have been hungry for more images showing off the possibilities in EverQuest Next Landmark, Franchise Director Dave Georgeson might very well be your favorite person today! He just released via Twitter a number of screenshots depicting a small outpost keep he assembled yesterday in about four-hours time. With the images, players can get a look at architectural elements like arches as well as a variety of props, including a couch made out of totem pole pieces! See them all for yourself in the gallery below.

For those of you eager to get in and show off your own creations, Georgeson noted that the alpha phase will be the only phase with an NDA. If you just want to see more of Landmark and EverQuest Next, keep your eyes peeled for the new livestream series; Senior Producer Terry Michaels announced in last night's Round Table livestream that players can expect to start seeing the game in future streams.

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