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PlayStation 4 goes to Brazil, in the region of 1800 USD

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Kicking yourself because PlayStation 4 pre-orders are all gobbled up in North America? Why not travel to beautiful Brazil where the platform is set to launch on November 29?

Quanto custa, or how much does it cost, you might wonder? With the current exchange rate, the R$3,999 PS4 in Brazil would only hit your wallet for just over the equivalent of $1,800 USD, according to the PlayStation Brazil Blog. Games are priced at R$179, or around $82 USD.

On second thought, perhaps you should hold off on that trip. Brazil's video game industry has been labeled "possibly the fastest growing games market in the world when it comes to total consumer spending," according to market research and consulting firm NewZoo. Though the console business continues to grow in Latin America, including in Argentina where the PlayStation 4 is expected to launch at around the equivalent of $1,100 USD, import taxes drastically inflate the price of hardware.

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