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WoW Moviewatch: If You Gank Me Again


It's hard to believe that If You Gank Me Again by Jennisfar and Nation is three years old. Featuring autotune, R&B grooves, and a PVP theme, this video is a reminder of a different time in machinima. While current WoW videos are mostly comedy, parody, and commentary videos, that period was filled with musical remakes and the dreaded "belf rap."

This song was particularly nice, especially for its laid back examination of the eternal angst of getting ganked. Like a poet pondering the sylvan landscape, this song casts a mournflul reflection on the desire to get your main. Or something like that. Here's hoping we'll see artists like Jennisfar and Nation back in Azeroth one day.

Thanks to Vilcens for the suggestion!
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