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FiftyThree building a stylus for Paper sketch app


The developers at FiftyThree, makers of the amazing Paper app for iPad (free, with in-app purchases), are branching out in a new direction -- hardware. The company will soon be marketing a new capacitive stylus called "Pencil" that has shown up in FCC filings, using low-power Bluetooth for connectivity to presumably transmit pressure information.

The information supplied to the FCC shows two models, one made of wood and the other from an aluminum alloy. One image, seen below, appears to show a USB connector on one end to make charging of the device a breeze -- simply plug the "eraser" end into an open USB port. We can't help but wonder if the Pencil will have a protective case around the body, or it they're really going to ship it in this "carpenter's pencil" configuration.

As our cohorts at Engadget point out, FiftyThree is made up of people who were behind Microsoft's innovative (and prematurely canceled) Courier project, so it's not surprising that the company is looking beyond just software. The Paper app already supports a number of third-party styluses, including the Wacom Bamboo and the Pogo Connect. FiftyThree has also partnered with Moleskine to let artists create hard-copy books of their Paper drawings and paintings.

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