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You can buy Steve Jobs on a piece of toast for $20 (yes, you read that correctly)


I love Etsy for the simple fact that you can find products on it that you'd never see elsewhere. Like, for example, a ridiculously accurate representation of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs burnt into a piece of toast. For this piece of used-to-be-edible art, you must pay a measly US$20. Ok, maybe that's a little bit steep for a charred chunk of bread, but hey, when you create a new market -- as Etsy user ggat seems to have -- you're allowed to set the price.

The bread in question is your standard white fare, which is then burnt using a laser to create the portrait. To ensure the toast doesn't fall victim to various forms of degradation it is coated in a spray varnish.

Why would you want such a thing in the first place? I'm not sure, but I can sleep soundly tonight knowing that if the urge strikes me, a slice of Jobs toast is just a click away.

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