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Good Game Club coming to SF next month


Indie showcase Good Game Club will take place on November 13 in the fine city of San Francisco. The first batch of games planned for the event are:
  • Betrayer from Gunpowder Games. A group of ex-Monolith folks who did F.E.A.R and No One Lives Forever.
  • 1849 by SomaSim, headed up by Robert Zubek, who formerly worked at EA, Three Rings and Zynga.
  • Videoball by Action Button Entertainment. They did TENbyEIGHT for Vita
  • Blood of the Werewolf
  • Slender: The Arrival
Organizers plan to add more games before the event, which currently has tickets on sale for $6 until November 8 (priced $8 otherwise).

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