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Stiq Figures, October 7 - 13: Favorite pre-order bonuses edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

When pre-order bonuses are done well, they're a great argument to throw down some cash for a game months before its actual release. They help retailers get a general idea of the game quantities they should request, and customers get a sweet trinket related to the game they're anticipating! Seems like a win-win situation to me.

The best bonus I ever got for pre-ordering a game I wanted anyway was The Legend of Zelda: Master Quest, a version of Ocarina of Time with completely re-worked dungeons. T-shirts and game cases are great, sure, but Master Quest struck me as the Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels of the Zelda series. The idea of accessible room layouts was thrown out the window in favor of some really bizarre dungeon design, and I remember it taking me quite a while to wrap up the game's quest. I refused to use a guide, though, so I feel that those weeks of confusion make up for my cracking under the pressure of Majora's Mask's last temple.

With digital distribution becoming more prevalent, it's safe to assume that tokens for downloadable maps or skins will become the norm for pre-order incentives - tangible goodies seem to exist almost exclusively in the realm of collector's editions now. Be they digital or physical, were there any pre-order bonuses throughout your gaming career that still stick with you as great incentives? Share them with us after you witness the Vita 2000's affect on this week's Japanese hardware sales after the jump!

3DS LL: 141,245 [UP] 55,360
3DS: 72,325 [UP] 35,223
Vita: 60,166 [UP] 56,628
PS3: 12,395 [UP] 2,163
PSP: 3,467 [DOWN] 626
Wii U: 3,276 [DOWN] 725
Wii: 703 [DOWN] 211
Xbox 360: 575 [UP] 221

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