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Aliens: Isolation trademarked


As long as there's a single facehugger left in the universe, there's going to be another Aliens game, no matter how big of a debacle Aliens: Colonial Marines was, is and ever shall be. Titled Aliens: Isolation, an intent to use trademark filed with the US Patent and Trademark office means another game is going to jump out of whatever dark corner hasn't been checked.

The trademark has been designation specifically for "computer game and video game software." Then again, it also covers "decorative magnets," but its key purpose is for a software product. Meaning this isn't an Aliens film, book or TV series.

The trademark was filed by Twentieth Century Fox Film, but don't let that confuse the issue, so was Aliens: Colonial Marines. Speculation would mark this as the Creative Assembly game that's been in production for a couple years. However, we're always up for a chest-bursting surprise. Just, not at dinner, please.

[Thanks, Dennis M.]

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