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Around Azeroth: The nine little pigs and their house of horrors


The first little pig built his house of straw, and it was blown down by the big bad bear. The second little pig built his house of sticks, and it was blown down by the big bad bear. The nine little pigs built their house of wood, kidnapped the big bad bear's baby son, and called the big bad bear over to the house.

"Do you see that skeleton?" the nine little pigs said, as they stood on their roof with the innocent bear cub between them. "That's Dave from the village. We gnawed off his flesh and hung him up on the side of the house. In the morning, the humans will find his remains, along with your precious little cub, with this blood we collected smeared all over his muzzle. What will they think has happened? Won't that be fun to see?"

And so the big angry bear paid the pigs several thousand dollars to rebuild the houses, retrieved his son, moved his family halfway across the country, changed their names, and had panic attacks whenever he saw a pig. And the nine little pigs kept their dark secret for the rest of their lives. (Thanks to submitter Valexion of Blade's Edge [US-A] for the screenshot!)

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