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TUAW bloggers speculate on tomorrow's announcements


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After this summer's long, dry spell, the recent Apple events seem like a fresh spring rain to a bunch of news-parched bloggers. We've all had our speculation on what "we have more to cover" means, and even had some good laughs at Apple's expense. All of us on the TUAW blogging team put on our Apple-logoed thinking caps this morning, and here's what we think we'll hear about tomorrow.

Steve Sande

I think it goes without saying that new iPads will be announced tomorrow; one fifth-generation full-sized iPad, and one second-generation iPad mini. Both will have faster processors, and the full-sized model will take advantage of Touch ID. We'll also hear the ship date for both OS X Mavericks and the new Mac Pro, as well as updates to the entire MacBook line. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will go Retina-only, with the MacBook Pro line getting a processor bump.

I'm also speculating that a new, less-expensive and considerably more powerful Apple TV will be announced, bringing with it the ability to be used with an MFi-compliant controller to play just about any iOS game on the big screen without the need for an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Lastly, and I'm going way out on a limb here, Apple's going to announce its first wearable device -- the long-awaited iWatch -- and be able to point out all of the ways that it is superior to Samsung's Galaxy Gear in that it will work with both iOS and Android phones, and it's actually stylish.

Erica Sadun

MacBook. iPad. That pretty much covers it. (Snerk)

Dave Caolo

It's that time when Apple finalizes its product line-up for the holiday shopping season. The iPhones are in place, and I expect we'll see new iPads tomorrow. Both the mini and its full-sized sibling will be revamped, with slimmer bodies, faster processors and maybe, just maybe, if you close your eyes and wish as hard as you can, Touch ID on the full-sized iPad.

I also expect an update on Mavericks and the Mac Pro, possibly with release dates for each.

Megan Lavey-Heaton

I predict that there will be a lot of people who will be completely thrilled with what Apple will offer and others who will intone that this is the end of Apple.

That being said, in addition to the speculations made by Steve and Dave, I want to buck the trend and predict that there will be two models of the iPad mini, one being the one that's available now and a second version that packs up to 128 GB, a Retina display and Touch ID. I know my colleagues speculate Touch ID for the full-size model, but I think there's so much potential in the mini that if you packed all those high-end features into the mini that it can easily square off against the Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7.

Victor Agreda, Jr.

I agree with Megan on a high-end iPad mini with all the trimmings (but no gold yet!). Agreed with Steve and Dave on the Mac side, plus shipping dates -- who doesn't love that? There's certainly a probability of a bumped/redesigned Apple TV, as we march inexorably towards an App ecosystem beyond the curated ones we've seen thus far.

One last thing on my actual wish list, however, is the introduction of a 4K display to go with the new Mac Pro. Let's face it, the Cinema Display needs a refresh and 4K makes sense. Hey, plug in a newly introduced Apple TV (with 4K support, right?) and you've got yourself an Apple HDTV!

Michael T. Rose

I'm leaning towards the Jason O'Grady theory that if we do see Touch ID on an iPad, it won't be on the mini. Touch ID on an iPad would conceivably do a lot to accelerate the already ludicrous-speed adoption of Apple's tablet family inside corporations, where the iPad mini has less traction generally vs. its enthusiastic embrace with consumers.

I also expect a ship date on the Mac Pro, a two-week or less countdown on Mavericks and Haswell MBPs. But the big noise will be all about the iPad, and for the record my money is on Retina mini.

Our speculation from last night's Talkcast will be online momentarily, so you can listen for yourself to decide if we are on-base or off our rockers.

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