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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds music box a collector's edition exclusive


Nintendo Europe's adorable Vine for the adorable Zelda treasure box was adorable, but it was a tad misleading: The musical treasure chest is part of the collector's edition of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds available exclusively at UK retailer Game, and it's not a pre-order bonus. The original Nintendo UK tweet identified the tiny chest as a pre-order perk, but Game's site includes it as part of the collector's edition.

The Game collector's edition includes a boxed copy of A Link Between Worlds, a code to download Link's Awakening DX, a glossy poster and the musical chest. Link's Awakening DX is the original adventure redone for Game Boy Color, now on 3DS. Game will send eShop codes for Link's Awakening DX to pre-order customers, and once a purchase is confirmed and the code received, players will be unable to cancel their pre-orders.

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