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Nomadic tribes join Total War: Rome II in new, free DLC


Total War: Rome II has added three new nomadic tribes, all of which can be yours totally gratis if you act fast.

Dubbed the "Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack," this latest downloadable content adds a new, nomadic culture to the game, which includes three playable factions: the Roxolani, the Massagetae and the Royal Scythians. As in reality, these nomadic cultures are master horsemen who use surprise raids to wear down more entrenched, sedentary opponents, but lack the strong economic foundation provided by contemporary agriculture. Owing to this unique lifestyle, the three nomadic factions also bring with them new units, buildings and objectives, all of which can be used in any of the game's single- or multiplayer modes.

As of now this DLC is available as a free download, but only until October 29. After that, the nomads once again take to wandering and the addition jumps to its standard price point of $8.

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