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Capcom 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia now on Amazon


Those who didn't grab Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia at its New York Comic Con debut can breathe a sigh of relief: If you've got $11, you can now grab a copy at Amazon.

For that money (less than half of what the book was going for at Comic Con), you'll receive a 208-page, full-color, hardcover tome filled with artwork and character profiles drawn from the last 30 years of Capcom games. Obviously you'll see Ryu, Mega Man and Capcom's other poster children among the 200 characters detailed in the book, but there are also more esoteric entries which exist purely to fill in minor bits of backstory and to give devoted Capcom geeks a wry smile of vague recognition.

You can find more information on the Encyclopedia at Capcom Unity, but please ignore the part about an Amazon Prime discount. Whether you're a member of that service or not, the Encyclopedia will set you back $10.39.

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