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John Siracusa posts his mammoth OS X Mavericks review


With OS X Mavericks now available for download via the Mac App Store -- for free mind you -- it's high time for John Siracusa's typically exhaustive review of Apple's latest OS X update.

In case you're unfamiliar, Siracusa, of Ars Technica, writes absolutely epic OS X reviews that leave no stone unturned. His reviews are sprinkled with deep technical knowledge along with astute analysis as to the implications and wisdom behind many of the the changes and enhancements that often accompany a new iteration of OS X.

With OS X Mavericks, Siracusa is up to his old tricks once again, offering us up a whopping 24-page review that covers absolutely everything under the sun. Equally as important as Siracusa's thoroughness is that his writing is fluid, informative and fun to read.

You can check out his OS X Mavericks review on Ars Technica over here. If you're the least bit curious in the latest major OS X update, it's worth a look.

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