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OS X Mavericks video tip: Using Automator and Speakable Items to control your Mac by voice


Earlier today, I highlighted some of the changes to Automator and AppleScript in OS X Mavericks. One of those feature changes involves the ability for Automator workflows and applications to be saved as Speakable Items. Speakable Items are items that can be launched by voice through the use of speech recognition that's built into OS X.

In this example video, I show how to use Automator and Speakable Items to launch three apps simply by saying "Good morning" to my iMac. Sure, it's not exactly a super-useful example, but can you imagine how powerful this can be to someone who doesn't have good motor skills or has other accessibility issues? Use your imagination and Automator to see how you can use the power of your voice to control your Mac.

As with all of our video tips, this one can be easily expanded to full-screen for easier viewing.

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