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Around Azeroth: Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream


I'm not much of a Doctor Who fan. I like David Tennant okay, and we have a little stuffed Dalek for the baby because I enjoy hearing it say "Exterminate! Exterminate!" but all I've watched of the show has been over my husband's shoulder. Count it as one of those innumerable shows that Tumblr's insane fandom has ensured that I'll never actually watch, just like Supernatural and that BBC Sherlock show with the dude who looks like an alien but fangirls find inexplicably attractive. But even I can recognize the Tardis, although I'm not entirely sure why it's hanging out in the Caverns of Time in this screenshot. I suppose it finally found its natural habitat. (Thanks to submitter Morgatho of The Evocati on Laughing Skull [US-H] for the screenshot!)

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