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IGF 2014 is, like, super popular


People are really into this whole "video game" thing – the annual Independent Games Festival has once again received a record number of entries, this year with 656 Main Competition contestants, topping last year's record of 589.

Games in the running for an IGF 2014 award include Dejobaan's Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby, Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne, Blendo Games' Quadrilateral Cowboy (shown above), Ico-inspired Against the Wall, Vagabond Dog's Always Sometimes Monsters, thechineseroom's Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, first-person toddler-horror simulator Among the Sleep and The Banner Saga, the $700,000 Kickstarted RPG. Plus 648 more. Whew.

This year there will be six finalists per category, rather than five, and the Technical Excellence category is kaput. The Student Showcase and Nuovo Award will both remain at eight contestants, and each category will still see honorable mentions. Valve once again offers Steam deals to all IGF finalists.

Last year, minimalist food vendor saga Cart Life swept the top prizes. The IGF Awards take place as usual at GDC in San Francisco in March.

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