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Mavericks is breaking multi-display setups for some


OS X Mavericks sports a number of bullet points meant to improve usability for multi-display setups, but it seems that while adding a menu bar to every screen has worked swimmingly, users with monitors that rely on DisplayLink technology have been swimming in nothing but frustration. DisplayLink monitors -- which connect to the host computer using USB or wireless means -- are experiencing a laundry list of issues. Here's the full tally of problems, straight from DisplayLink's official post on the matter:

  • Some applications can show severe flickering on DisplayLink screens. Examples of applications that show this issue are Safari, QuickTime and the App Store.
  • Some applications can show corruption and/or missing contents while updating windows contents. Examples are Maps, iBooks and the Dock.
  • Display arrangement is not kept when using 2 or more DisplayLink displays.
  • All screens black and unusable after unplugging a DisplayLink screen. This is caused by Apple's Window server crashing. This can be recovered by replugging the DisplayLink device.
  • On the Retina MacBook Pro, changing the layout to mirror logs the user out. Again this is caused by Apple's Window server crashing.

The company insists there's nothing it can do to remedy the situation and is instead asking Mac developers to report the bugs to Apple in the interest of getting a fix pushed out as quickly as possible.

[via Ars Technica]

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