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Patch 5.4.1: Asia-only pets added to Recruit-A-Friend


Perculia over at Wowhead has been digging around on the patch 5.4.1 PTR and unearthed some great reward-based news for the upcoming new Recruit-a-Friend system. If you're into pet collection, there's a faint possibility you might already be aware of the couple of Asia-only exclusive pets that we could never get our pixel hands on in NA and EU regions. Well, they're on the PTR, both the pigs you see in the header image, and a couple of miniaturized versions of the jewelcrafting tigers. You can check them out in Wowhead's article too. All the pets are battle pets, both pigs are critters and both tigers are magic.

There's also screenshots of the Recruit-A-Friend in-game UI, bearing a striking resemblance to the look of the in-game store overall. It shows windows for your friend's email address and for your note, as well as what seems likely to be a follow-up screen where you choose your reward from the tokens issued. It seems to be quite the improvement on the previous system where you had to do most of the work from the site. Hopefully this rework also makes the overall process easier for the friend being recruited as well as the recruiter -- the old system was not exactly intuitive.

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