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Soar as a free, vectorized bird in Secrets of Rætikon right now


Secrets of Rætikon is out now in alpha for PC and Mac (Linux incoming), with keys set free by contributing to the game's Indiegogo campaign, which seeks $40,000 over the next 30 days. Secrets of Rætikon comes from Broken Rules, the developers behind And Yet it Moves and Chasing Aurora.

Secrets of Rætikon puts players in control of a bird that must rebuild ancient machines whose parts are scattered across the surrounding forests, caves and mountainsides. Besides finding secrets and picking up parts, players can interact with other animals and plants, fighting and helping various creatures. We got to try out an early version at GDC Europe and were absolutely blown away by the game's ethereal beauty and surprising challenges.

Broken Rules chose Indiegogo over Kickstarter because the competition is less fierce and Kickstarter doesn't yet support companies from its home in Austria, studio co-founder Martin Pichlmair says.

"Yet even more important is the fact that we deem it more honest to launch a flexible funding campaign than going the traditional Kickstarter-style fixed funding route," he says. "Flexible funding means: Funders get the game and we get their money no matter if the campaign goal is reached or not. We are simply selling alpha access to the game via a more popular platform than our own website."

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