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It's storytime as Halloween event hits The Secret World

MJ Guthrie

If you'd like to take a break from beating back the Filth in Agartha, take a trip to Solomon Island and delve into The Secret World's new Halloween events. What better place to celebrate this spooky holiday than the island covered in ominous fog and where pumpkins eternally decorate homes as well as try to kill you with chainsaws?

In addition to the return of The Cat God (the chain of missions where players can visit ancient Stonehenge), players can participate in the new series based on various urban legends around the island. Those who gather all 10 stories by completing all the new missions will be rewarded with an in-game book of the full collection that can be enjoyed long after the holiday is done.

Of course, there are rewards awaiting adventurers other than just a tome of stories; various Halloween-themed goodies are available from loot, quest rewards, and even the item shop. Many items are exclusive to the holiday, however, so if you want to get your bee-blessed hands on them, you have to get in before the event ends on November 8th!

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