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Moto X price drops to $100 at Moto Maker, Sprint and US Cellular


Many have griped about the Moto X's $200 on-contract price, which is a lot to pay for hardware that's frequently considered mid-range. Motorola must have heard that grousing, as the price of its 16GB Android flagship has dropped to $100 for both AT&T's Moto Maker variant as well as the plainer Sprint and US Cellular versions. AT&T's customized 32GB phone is also cheaper at $150. The regular 16GB AT&T and Verizon editions still sell through the carriers for $200, although it's possible to pick up either of them for $100 at third-party stores like Amazon. While the discounts won't sway those who insist on high-end hardware, they could easily tip the balance for anyone who was holding out for a better deal.

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