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Ultra Street Fighter 4 adds 'Ultra Combo Double' and 'Red Focus Attack' mechanics

Jordan Mallory

Capcom's forthcoming flagship fighter update Ultra Street Fighter 4 will introduce two new gameplay mechanics, which add an additional layer of defensive and offensive utility to the game's existing stable of meters and gameplay systems.

"Ultra Combo Double," the first new mechanic, allows players to select both of their character's Ultra Combos, rather than one or the other, as has been the case since the original Street Fighter 4. The price paid for this strategic advantage is that each Ultra Combo does less damage than it would under normal circumstances, trading raw power for the added utility of multiple Ultras. Classical, single-Ultra options are still available, of course.

"Red Focus Attack," the other new addition, is a modified form of the game's existing Focus Attack system. Whereas regular Focus Attacks can absorb the damage from a single attack, Red Focus Attacks can absorb damage from multiple attacks, at the cost of Super Meter. Beyond the fact that Red Focus Attacks can still be dash cancelled, however, no further information was provided with regards to how a Red Focus Attack is executed, or how much meter the technique costs.

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