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Breakfast Topic: What are you looking forward to at BlizzCon?

BlizzCon is just around the corner now -- but there's still plenty of room to speculate about just what will happen. Will we see corgis rampaging across the show floor or are murlocs more likely? Will this year's con be focused more on Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo? Will we finally see a game trailer with gnomes?

Okay, I admit -- that last one is a long shot. However, what I'm asking today is what you're most looking forward to at BlizzCon. Are you hoping to find out about the next World of Warcraft expansion? Looking to get a specific question answered by the developers? Eager to watch this year's costume contest unfold? There's an awful lot for Blizzard fans to be excited about at this year's event, so tell us -- just what are you looking forward to from BlizzCon?

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