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iOS daylight savings time bug strikes again


Several TUAW readers have reported that iOS 7 features a Daylight Saving Time bug that could cause the Calendar app to show the wrong "current time" line in Day view. The bug was first noticed this weekend here in the UK when British Summer Time officially ended at 2AM Sunday morning.

Though iOS 7 devices did indeed roll back the clocks automatically as they were supposed to, when users open the Calendar app and look at Day view the current time line appears one hour after the actual time -- even though it displays the right time. For example, in the image above you'll notice that the red current time line reads 9:18 PM (which is correct), but it appears one hour later than it should (18 minutes past the grey 10PM time line).

This isn't the first time Apple has had DST bugs in iOS. Back in 2010 a different bug caused alarms to go off an hour early.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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