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Review: 90 OS X Mavericks and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets


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Developer Saied Ghaffari and his company It's About Time have been busy digging through the details of OS X Mavericks to find a bunch of tips and tricks for the new Mac operating system. In the new iBook 90 OS X Mavericks and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets (US$1.99), you'll find out how to do things with Mavericks that you may not have thought possible.

Following in the footsteps of a similar iBook with iOS 7 as the topic, the book features a number of tips that are all demonstrated in video captures. The screenshot at the top of this post shows what a typical "page" looks like -- there's a tip listed at the bottom with the video playing above it. Ghaffari provides a wonderful commentary with each tip or trick, and between the notes, the audio and the video you're sure to pick up a lot.

The iBook is organized into chapters that group similar items together. Some examples of the chapters include Notifications, Messages, Calendar; Finder, Dock; App Store, iBooks; and Dashboard, Mission Control. The chapters contain anywhere from two to 30 tips and tricks, some of which are useful in previous versions of OS X as well.

What's really cool is that with iBooks now in OS X Mavericks, you can easily have the book open on your Mac desktop and try out the tricks in almost real time. As much as I've gone through OS X Mavericks during the beta days, 90 OS X Mavericks and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets taught me a number of time-saving and convenient things. For two bucks, you're getting an easy-to-use and comprehensive Mavericks guide.

Give it a try, and be sure to also check out our very own TUAW video tips for more on how to make your switch to OS Mavericks a success.

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