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RIFT previews updates in patch 2.5 and beyond

Eliot Lefebvre

Amidst server merges and localized shutdowns, it's easy to forget for a bit that RIFT is still chugging along and providing new content for players. During the most recent official livestream event, the development team stopped in to provide some answers about what comes next for the game. Patch 2.5, the next major update, is going to be getting an official release date later this week. Not every element added with the update will be available immediately, with new bits doled out in week-sized chunks.

Among the highlights of 2.5 is a new sequence of underwater content that serves as a testbed for version 3.0, which will be making heavy use of underwater combat. A new raid and dungeon are also incoming; the new raid is meant to occupy the first tier of progression to help newer players catch up with the high end. There's also a promise of a new crafting profession for the game with 3.0, one that is not limited by the cash shop in any way. And that's only some of what's on the way, all of which should make RIFT players very happy to keep playing the game.

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