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Around Azeroth: Calamariphobia


"After trying (unsuccessfully, we thought) to summon an Old God to the Shrine of Seven Stars, our little cult of shadow priests eventually gave up and went about our shadowy business," writes submitter Djelibeybi of Breath of Midnight on Shadowmoon (US-A). "When several of us eventually got bored with sucking the life out of the various fauna of Pandaria and decided to go see this Thunder King everyone was on about, one of our party found herself with a bit of unwanted attention. A wild tentacle had followed Melthulhu to the Isle of Thunder, coaxing out some terror and possibly a little excitement, bringing to light a previously unseen bit of Pandaren popular culture." Not to blame Melthulhu, but if you're frightened of tentacles, you might want to reconsider your character name. That's just asking for trouble.

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