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Devs gain ability to delete fake scores from Game Center leaderboards


In a move that is sure to appeal to both honest gamers and game developers alike, Apple has announced that developers can now delete fake scores from Game Center leaderboards. The announcement came via a posting on Apple's Developer News and Announcements page. It reads:

Manage Game Center Leaderboard Scores
October 28, 2013
You can now view and manage the top 100 scores and usernames for all of your Game Center leaderboards. Protect your legitimate players by signing in to iTunes Connect to delete fake scores or block players that post fake scores. You can also restore scores and players within the same time period. To learn more, read the Managing Game Center Leaderboard Activity section in the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

Fake scores have often upset both developers and gamers as they frequently clog the tops of the leaderboards. With today's move, developers will be able to view and edit the top 100 scores and delete certain players from posting their scores to the leaderboards at all.

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