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Lock8 thwarts every kind of bike thief through GPS and smart alarms (video)


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Many attempts at smarter bike locks, well, aren't -- they won't last long against thieves with the right tools. If Lock8's new security device ships, however, those ne'er-do-wells won't have it so easy. The smartphone-controlled lock includes the GPS tracking you'd hope for, but it also includes sensors that trigger alarms and notifications for just about any kind of theft attempt. A smart cable warns if someone tries a bolt cutter; an accelerometer can detect drills and saws, and there's even a temperature sensor to fend off blowtorches. Owners can rent their rides, too. Lock8 is crowdfunding the technology, with pledges starting at £69 ($111) for those who want a lock and six months of free GPS service. If the company meets its £50,000 ($80,340) goal, bikes worldwide should be much safer by May 2014.

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