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Marvel Heroes announces Asgardian content, playable Loki


Marvel Heroes is a game known for its ability to suck players in to the universe of Marvel superheroes. Its linear play is also augmented by the much more open area of downtown Manhattan, and there is no other MMO that allows you to control heroes from all of Marvel's timelines and universes, from the movie franchises to the classic comics. And now we've learned the game is gearing up for a very nice update in November.

So what's in store for this patch? Well, it just so happens that Marvel's latest movie, Thor: The Dark World, is coming out in a week or so. Gazillion Entertainment couldn't very well sit back and let the moment get away, could it? So it created an entire suite of content based around Asgard, Thor, and the new movie.

We asked Jeff Donais, Creative Director, some questions to find out all of the details. Warning: There might be spoilers below!

Marvel Heroes screenshot
Be prepared to take part in the new content over the next four months, the time it will take to release it all. The four unique chapters will continue the story that current players are already familiar with. If you are new, it won't take long for you to work your way to level 25 or so in order to take part in this new content. The idea is to allow players to control a Marvel hero as he or she fights through a linear story, unlocking tougher tiers along the way. Once the story is completed on normal mode, players will unlock heroic and later superheroic tiers. This new content will be playable in all three tiers.

So what's the story about? Current players will be familiar with the story arc that is in-game right now. Upon defeating a certain boss, players will be treated to a cool cutscene that shows Loki controlling the Cosmic Cube. Next, there's trouble in Norway; S.H.I.E.L.D., Reed Richards, and the Fantastic Four need your help to find out what's behind the mysterious events. Dark elves and frost giants are appearing, and it will take a hero -- or a dozen heroes -- to stop them. You'll take part in a two-week server-wide event designed to give Reed the answers he seeks.

Marvel Heroes screenshot
You'll be able to help in three major ways. First, you can fight frost giants and dark elves and take the dropped items back to Richards for investigation and for use in experiments. Second, you can craft materials that Richards needs for more experiments. And third, you can help keep the general peace in places like Manhattan, donating many of the items you find back to Richards for (you guessed it!) more experiments.

On top of all of this meaty stuff, players will finally be able to play as Loki, the mischievous master himself. He's gone through a ton of engineering and special effects; you can gain access to his classic comic outfit and even an exact copy of his outfit from the new movie. He is essentially three characters in one: an illusionist, a sorcerer, and (the best part) a half-blood frost giant. That means he'll be able to turn into a frost giant with killer melee abilities!

Marvel Heroes screenshot
Expect a fresh look at the game on Massively in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you can play the game for free on the official site.

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