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Breakfast Topic: What vanity pet do you wish existed?


Freeze -- before you answer today's headline question, head over to Lose yourself in clicking dreamily through list after list of unabashedly adorable Warcraft pets. Once you've become utterly saturated with Teh Cute, mosey back this way and regale us with the sad tale of the aching hole in your life that's begging to be filled by ... what? What pet do you need to own that doesn't (yet) exist in Azeroth?

I need a frilled lizard. I need this lizard. I need it to randomly rear up with a nasty hiss, unfurling its frill and charging the nearest player. I need this to be a terrifying, startling, concentration-breaking display.

I guarantee that this will be one satisfying pet to own.

What currently nonexistent vanity pet would you like to see debut in Azeroth?

[Image: Matt Clancy Wildlife Photography]

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