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The Elder Scrolls Online blog explores the werewolves of Tamriel


It's no secret that as you adventure through the world of Elder Scrolls Online, there is a chance you will be set upon by vicious werewolves. It's also possible that you may become a werewolf yourself, cursed to roam the woods at night killing unwary hunters, howling at the moon, and surfing on vans.

Today's ESO blog dives more deeply into lycnathropy in the game, discussing the design of player werewolves and the challenges it presented. The blog talks in-depth about inspirations for transformation and attack animations as well as tiny graphical touches like blood on your muzzle after a kill. It also touches on the player werewolf's sound design; the team took human, wolf, dog, and other animal noises to create sounds meant to strike fear into the hearts of other adventurers.

The full post is worth a read if you're planning to spend the bulk of your time in ESO on four legs.

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