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Five games to fill your Halloween with horror


Tomorrow is Halloween and it's one of the scariest nights of the year. Get ready for some terror-filled fun with these five horror-themed games.

Slender Rising [iOS Universal; $2.99]

The best Slender game for iOS. So scary, it'll give you nightmares.

Dead Effect [iOS Universal; $3.99]

Shoot down infected zombies in the science fiction-based first person shooter. With the intense background track, it's a chilling experience.

Into The Dead [iOS Universal; Free]

A survival game that throws you into the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Eyes - The Horror Game [iOS Universal; $0.99]

Walk through an abandoned haunted house as you collect bags of money. Around each corner is a horrible threat that you must avoid at all costs. Yea. And those eyes on the wall...

The Haunt 2 [iOS Universal; $0.99]

Ghosts are scattered throughout the countryside as you solve a series of puzzling mini-games. You'll have to search for clues carefully as your make your way around dark and mysterious villages.

If you want even more games, then check out Haunting Melissa and Year Walk, two unsettling favorites.

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