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Mingle with monsters as Heva Clonia Online launches today

MJ Guthrie

After just two weeks of open beta testing, the anime-styled free-to-play game Heva Clonia Online launched today. Along with the full launch, OGPlanet is introducing new content and features including a new region, more quests, new dungeons, an increase in the level cap (to 49), and new class evolutions. Additionally, the cash shop is now available for use.

As Heva Clonia Online's launch coincides with Halloween, it is fitting that there are numerous holiday-themed events for players to participate in and earn prizes from. And what better way to keep that holiday spirit all year round than by cloning and collecting the Halloween monsters? To start your adventures, visit the official site. For more on the game, check out Rise and Shiny and watch the gameplay trailer below.

[Source: OGPlanet press release]

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