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New DLC adds buckets of blood to Total War: Rome 2


If Total War: Rome 2 proves a bit tame for your desensitized palate, we've got good news: Sega has released a new downloadable addition for the strategy game that will cause its battlefields to literally run red with blood.

Appropriately titled "Blood and Gore," this DLC addition focuses on improving the brutality of combat in Total War: Rome 2. New sound and particle effects have been added alongside "hundreds of gruesome animations." According to Sega, both soldiers and the ground they fight on will now become increasingly spattered with blood and pieces of former people as combat rages on.

As you'd expect, this bloody deluge earns the DLC an "M for Mature" rating. If that doesn't turn you off, you can feed your sadistic desires by purchasing the Blood and Gore DLC from Steam for $3.

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Blood & Gore brings the savagery of front-line combat to viscera-splattering life with decapitations, dismemberment and devastating impalements. Featuring hundreds of gruesome animations that play out in combat between multiple different unit types, the massed battles of Total War: ROME II will never be the same again.

Employing a more refined particle system than Shogun 2, Blood & Gore for ROME II looks and feels grittier and more brutal. Gore coats combatants, the ground will become soaked with blood, and you'll hear every stab, slash and impact with bespoke new sound effects.

Blood & Gore is available now for ROME II on Steam for $2.99 USD, £1.99 GBP, €2.49 EUR, $3.99 AUD, 69p. RUB, R$4.99 BRL, and is rated ESRB Mature 17+, PEGI 18+, COB MA 15+. Click here for further details.

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