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Time Warner Cable promises faster internet to woo back fleeing customers


One of the downsides of taking a risk is that the consequences are liable to come back and hurt you further down the line. Take Time Warner Cable, for instance, which took CBS' channels offline for the better part of two months in protest of "outrageous" carriage fees. Now that it's come to financials season, however, the company has admitted that the moral high ground came with a price: it lost 117,000 customers in three months. Of more concern, is that Time Warner also managed to lose 24,000 broadband customers, a trend which may make executives a little twitchy. In the hope of distracting people from today's dour news, the company is going to double the speed of Ultimate 50 customers in Los Angeles from 50 Mbps to 100, and those with the same package in NYC and Hawaii will get the same boost before the end of the year.

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