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Batman: Arkham Origins bugs prompt Warner Bros. apology


Following its recent launch, Batman: Arkham Origins greeted players with a number of game-breaking glitches - so many that publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has issued a public apology.

The lengthy missive does its best to reassure players before outlining the three issues causing the most problems: players falling through the game's geometry, a vanishing "Continue" option on the main menu and an odd bug that removes FreeFlow Focus combat mode once a player has attained a third rank in the Shadow Vigilante skill.

Helpfully, Warner Bros. claims to be working diligently to fix these problems. "The team has been working around the clock to review, validate and pinpoint the problems that have been reported and we have identified three main issues which we are tackling first, and are listed below," reads a message added to the official Arkham Origins forums.

"For these issues, we expect the software update to be available within the next week."

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