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Bloodmasque free for a week on iOS


Bloodmasque, which we've yet to conclude is pronounced as blood-MASK or blood-MAS-que, is currently free for iOS devices until Midnight on November 7. The game has also added the "Hunter Rankings" feature, which is a set of weekend challenges for in-game items.

The Vampire-hunting app features French maid vampires. That's servants of darkness wearing French maid costumes, not blood-suckers made in France. Anyway, the Unreal Engine-powered game also features "photo-based customization" and is regularly priced at $6.99. Now you can save that $6.99 for in-app purchases.

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New "Hunter Rankings" Feature to Add Friendly In-Game Competitions

To celebrate the release of the iPad Air, the action-RPG BLOODMASQUE will be free to download on iOS devices from Friday 1st November until Midnight on Thursday 7th November, 2013. So if you're at all on the fence about BLOODMASQUE, this is your chance to try it for yourself and see if you like it!

That's not all, we've also added a 'Hunter Rankings' feature to the game! Players can compete with others every weekend in special quests and the highest scoring players will be rewarded with a special in-game item.

BLOODMASQUE is a unique action-RPG, set in an alternative version of 19th Century Paris. Players take on the role of a Vampire Hunter from a cursed bloodline and who fights back against the lords of the night in a world where humanity is ruled from the shadows.

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