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Casio's iOS app will show you how to play Bieber's best for $10


Casio recently realized folks expect a bit more than a digital display on their watches these days, and now it's putting all those years of facilitating epic keyboard solos to good use with an iOS app that dissects your music collection. Chordana Viewer is aimed at budding performers (primarily shredders and ivory ticklers), especially those that want to know how to execute their favorite jams. The app will root through any track on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, and determine to the best of its ability the chords used to construct it. That's great for when you're sitting in front of your cream grand piano and all, but a virtual keyboard or guitar will allow you to get to grips with the fingering when it's touchscreen or bust. There are a bunch of sliders and dials to tweak pitch and speed, among other things, as well as recording functions and different instrument tones (more can be added for an in-app fee). Available now in the App Store, it'll set you back $10 (or £7).

Launched in tandem with Chordana Viewer is the infinitely less useful Chordana Tap. It's free, at least, has many of the same knobs and settings, but breaks down your chosen track and feeds it back to you as a game, of sorts. While it shows the back-end magic Casio's using to work out chords is fairly accurate, Tap just shows a scrolling line with (off-beat) indentations we assume are cues to poke at the on-screen instrument. The app automatically adjusts pitch, so whatever you hit is never off-key. Imagine Guitar Hero, just boring, and really rubbish.

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