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Lost Planet 3 ships 300,000 units, Dead Rising 3 aims for 1.2 million


Capcom has put a number to the "below expectations" performance of Lost Planet 3, that of 300,000 units shipped worldwide as of the end of September. While that only represents its first month at retail, the shooter sequel developed by Californian studio Spark Unlimited failed to hit performance targets in Europe and North America. The Japanese company previously expressed disappointment in the "excessive" amount of projects outsourced overseas, which it believed led to a decrease in quality.

Capcom previously deemed Lost Planet 2 an underperformer, but that game went on to ship 1.5 million units worldwide. That said, based on its first month figures Lost Planet 3 will have done very well if it matches that performance.

It's not all doom and gloom for Capcom. For starters, the 1 million units shipped by console and PC ports of Resident Evil: Revelations were in line with projections. Also, expansion/follow-up Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen came in at 650,000 units, comparing favorably to the million-plus shipped by the original game. Then there's the small matter of Monster Hunter 4, with the 3DS juggernaut shipping 3 million units in its first month - and that's just in Japan.

Looking ahead, Capcom's big name game in the second half of its fiscal year is Dead Rising 3. Given it's a launch game on Xbox One, there's pragmatism to the company's projections of 1.2 million units shipped by the end of March 2014. While Dead Rising 2 shipped 2.2 million units a few years ago, Capcom put that game out on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. As it stands, the sequel is exclusive to the Xbox One.

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