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NBA 2K14's MyTeam mode improved for next-gen consoles


NBA 2K14 will see an improved MyTeam mode on Xbox One and PS4, 2K Sports announced. MyTeam is the fantasy team mode similar to EA's Ultimate Team modes being offered in its sports games, including NBA Live 14.

Among the features players will find on Xbox One and PS4 is "Domination mode," which has players going up against "actual NBA teams." Next-gen players will also have access to new card colors with different levels of rarity: emerald, sapphire and ruby. Lastly, if our gallery of next-generation MyTeam screens are any indicator, the developer has moved away from the mode's traditional "VC" in-game currency.

2K Sports has not specified whether current-gen players can transfer their My Team cards to their next-gen system of choice. NBA 2K14 will launch alongside the Xbox One and PS4 this month.

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With the launch of NBA 2K14 for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One approaching quickly, 2K today announced details for the new and improved MyTEAM mode for next-gen NBA 2K14. MyTEAM on next gen will allow players to test their team-building skills against the best the NBA has to offer in Domination mode by facing off against actual NBA teams. New to MyTEAM on next gen are single player and online tournaments - winners will have opportunities to earn rare players, collectibles and much more. MyTEAM also introduces new color rarities: Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby level cards that fans can collect (or discover) to bolster their roster.

MyTEAM for NBA 2K14 also includes features fans have come to love, such as Road to the Playoffs. Now players can also brand their team with new team logos and uniforms, with new tournaments, players, uniforms and more updating in real time throughout the season.

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