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The Daily Grind: Have you messed with other players?

Eliot Lefebvre

Sometimes, something beautiful happens in shared chat channels. I was playing Final Fantasy XIV and wandering through Coerthas when someone asked at random whether Halo or Metroid would win in a fight. This prompted no shortage of people explaining that those games were not eponymous, which just spun off into more comedy like the original speaker asserting that The Legend of Zelda is about a green guy named Zelda, since why would you name a game after someone who needs to be rescued? It's Super Mario Bros. not Super Princess Peach Is Kidnapped.

It was a pretty obvious attempt to get people to correct an assumption that didn't exist, and it was pretty funny. It was also harmless, which is another plus. Not everyone who messes with players is that kind; I've seen people teleport someone to a high-level area and then warp away, leaving the other player stranded, or a tank undressing and then pulling the boss just for giggles. Those might be a little less funny, depending on perspective. But today we're not asking about validity; we're asking about the act itself. Have you messed with other players just for the heck of it?

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