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Warhammer Online goes free for final weeks


After years of fans asking for it, Warhammer Online has finally gone free-to-play. Unfortunately, we had to wait until the end of the game's lifespan to see it happen.

Mythic announced that the title would be completely free for those who would like to play before the title sunsets and that subscriptions have been disabled. "To give Warhammer Online a proper sendoff we are opening the game to anyone free of charge that has or had an account in good standing starting October 31st, 2013," the studio wrote. "So please join us and help say goodbye to Warhammer Online in one last big WAAAGH!"

Mythic also said that it is adding power-up NPCs to super-charge characters and other "unique experiences" for returning and loyal players.

WAR will close down on December 18th. You can read some of our recollections of the title's history.

[Thanks to John for the tip!]

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