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Star Trek Online dev blog on building the perfect Worf

Jef Reahard

Last week we told you about Michael Dorn's return to Star Trek and his role in Star Trek Online's Season 8 content. Cryptic has followed up on that announcement with a dev blog focused on Worf's character design. Senior character artist Joe Jing walks readers through the design process and talks up everything from Klingon body models to uniforms to Worf's initial appearance in STO's The Next Generation 25th anniversary event.

That version didn't exactly capture the character's essence, Jing explains, so Cryptic pulled out all of the stops for version 2.0. "There were key details missing to make a convincing Michael Dorn as Worf. For example, our existing Klingon forehead ridges didn't quite have the same look as Worf's ridges," Jing says. "And the textures for the face were missing one of the coolest and most distinguishing facial features -- the groove under the eye and in front of the cheek bone that helps make Worf look so damn tough. So we modified textures for both, making new versions that are closer to the show."

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