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Five apps for the iPad Air: the first apps I installed on Apple's latest tablet


Sales of the iPad Air kicked off this weekend and I, like many others, grabbed one of Apple's latest tablets. Coming from an iPad mini, I couldn't wait to try out the new A7 processor in the full-size tablet. As soon as I unwrapped the device, I picked five of my favorite apps and gave the processor a thorough workout.

Unlike the iPad fourth generation, which got a little warm from my nonstop playing, the iPad Air cruised along without a hitch. Enough of the jabber, here are the first five apps I installed on the iPad Air.

iMovie [iOS Universal; US$4.99 (free with new device purchase)]

iMovie is included for free with all new iPads and there is a good reason why Apple bundled this software with the new Air -- its performance is perfectly smooth on the Air.

Asphalt 8 [iOS Universal; $0.99]

Asphalt 8 just sings on the iPad Air -- responsive performance, fast transitions between races and no hesitations.

Infinity Blade 3 [iOS Universal; $6.99]

I'm not much of an Infinity Blade fan, but I always check it out when I get a new device as I consider it to be the gold standard for game playing and graphics performance on iOS.

Google Earth [iOS Universal; Free]

Google Earth is one of those apps I always install as I enjoy browsing the 3D landscapes. As with the other apps, Google Earth was a great experience on the Air.

Snapseed [iOS Universal; Free]

Snapseed may not be the most taxing of apps, but it is one I use in my free time to spiffy up the photos I take with my iPhone.

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