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iPad Air quite popular in first weekend of sales


During the debut of iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and the iPhone 5s and 5c, we regaled TUAW readers with facts and figures on the relative adoption rate of each new Apple product compared to previous products. The numbers came from two sources: Chitika Research and Fiksu. The latter company added an iPad Air tracker to the mix over the past weekend, and although the sales numbers are minuscule compared to overall iPad sales, the iPad Air appears to have an adoption rate almost five times that of the fourth-generation iPad.

Fiksu's numbers, which are based on impressions on its ad network, show the three-day adoption rate for the iPad Air at 0.73 percent of the entire iPad installed base. By comparison, the iPad 4 was only at 0.15 percent of the installed base after the same amount of time. The iPad mini was a bit higher at launch, at about 0.21 percent of installed base after three days.

Only time will tell if the numbers will continue to show higher adoption rates or if the initial surge was due to pent-up demand for a new device.

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