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Rainbow Moon hits Vita next month, Skies coming 'end of 2014, maybe later'


SideQuest Studios is flying PS3 game Rainbow Moon to the Vita on December 3. The dungeon crawler and strategy RPG hybrid supports cross-saving between the two platforms, and the Vita game's assortment of new features, fixes, and tweaks are also being patched in to the PS3 version.

As for Rainbow Skies, last we heard it was due on both PS3 and Vita sometime next year. However, its launch trajectory may be awry, after Sidequest CEO Marcus Pukropski took to the PlayStation Blog comments section to note the sequel "won't be out before the end of 2014 or maybe later."

Whenever it arrives, Sidequest says Skies will bring new combo attacks, monster taming and "up to 100 hours and beyond" of cutesy-faced RPG-ness.

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