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Senior iOS Engineering VP Henri Lamiraux leaves Apple


9to5Mac has confirmed that Henri Lamiraux, a top iOS Engineering VP at Apple, has left the company for the open and welcoming pastures of retirement.

Lamiraux had reportedly decided that iOS 7 would be the last major iOS release he'd be a part of and officially decided to leave following the release of iOS 7.0.3.

Mark Gurman reports:

Sources within Apple's iOS division say Lamiraux is respected and he was in charge of developing the applications that come with iOS. The executive also led feature-implementation across the operating system, and he managed both bug-fixing processes and feature distribution to consumers. He also managed the frameworks within the operating system that power features and allow developers to build applications...

Lamiraux is a longtime Apple veteran, having begun his career at One Infinite Loop all the way back in 1990. A chemical engineer by training, the bulk of Lamiraux's tenure at Apple was spent working on OS X. Once Apple transitioned into an iOS-centric company, however, Lamiraux made a similar transition himself.

Beginning in October 2005 -- when work on the iPhone began -- Lamiraux served as director of software engineering for iOS Apps and Frameworks. By January 2008, he became a senior director of software engineering before becoming a VP of software engineering in September of 2009.

As a final point of interest, Gurman notes that Lamiraux was previously one of Scott Forstall's top lieutenants.

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