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Breakfast Topic: Your least-favorite grind

There's no denying it: World of Warcraft is full of grinds. First you go through the leveling grind to advance your character to max level, and then you find out that once you get there there are a multitude of other grinds to keep you busy. Throughout your character's life, you've probably found yourself grinding for gear, grinding for reputation, grinding for achievements, and plenty of other things. Some of those grinds aren't so bad, but some are a slog -- as can be attested by anyone who's gone to the trouble of getting the Insane in the Membrane achievement and "the Insane" title to match. (Which reminds me, one of these days, I should get around to doing that with my rogue.)

So tell us, readers -- what are your very least-favorite in-game grinds? Have you braved the path of reaching honored with Bloodsail only to have to slowly grind your way back to exalted with the goblin factions? What's the grind that just goes too far?

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